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Sorry I've been so spotty!

I'm not sure that anyone really checks this site often enough to care, but I've been unbelievably busy these last few days. I'm taking 18 college credits this semester and I'm also currently juggling two jobs-- I quit one when I got the other, but I still have to finish out those last two weeks.
As a result of all this going on at once, I kind of fell off site maintenance for this week. Rest assured, this will not be happening often, and I'm doing my very best to keep up with all of the daily changes-- news, memes, the works.
Also, I know it's lame to ask, but if someone out there reads this stuff, feel more than welcome to leave a comment in the guestbook. It can be a little discouraging when I put so much work in and it doesn't seem like anyone even reads this stuff.