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Halloween Drive-Thru

Hello, lads and lasses!

This last week, I volunteered for a Halloween drive-thru event just a few cities away on a whim. I got assigned to dress as a children's character, Queen Poppy from the Dreamworks Trolls movies. I've seen them because of my little siblings, and I secretly think they're fun and enjoyable movies.

I actually had a ton of fun doing it!

A bunch of little kids went ham over me and I really enjoyed goofing around and performing for the whole seven hours I was out there. If a car was stopped in line in front of my booth for long enough, I'd ask them if they had any good dance moves they could teach me, and I'd repeat whatever they did. I collected quite a lot of them from people over the course of the night: the macarena, the sprinkler, the robot, peace signs over the eyes, Napoleon Dynamite's butterfly move, and a TON more that I can't remember. I jokingly asked a car of other teens, who suggested WAP, to which I replied, "I'm from a KIDS movie! Do you know how many children I'd traumatize?!". This was, in fact, to cover up the fact that I don't know the dance to WAP.

Other than that, I had a CD player next to me with a few Trolls songs going, but some of them were so quiet I'd have to skip them-- so really, I spent the entire time listening to "Can't Stop the Feeling". I danced back and forth on my feet for the entire seven hours as well. You know how sharks die if they stop swimming? That's pretty much how it was with my dancing. If I had stopped, I would have straight-up collapsed onto the ground. After the final car drove off, I layed down under my pop up tent and melted into the ground.

I would totally do it again, though.