Construction News

3/11/2021: Mobile!!! The site works on mobile now!!!! Tilt your screen and it's perfect!!!
3/18/2021: THE FORUMS ARE UP! Go to "Discussion" on the sidebar to view the gateway.

3/17/2021: The new splash screen is UP! I'm really happy with it.
2/21/2021: Opened a contest, updated the mobile version of the site, and the meme. I may make Splatoon a focus franchise of the site.
2/18/2021: Updated the news, the meme, and for the first time since Eligood's birth, I changed out the Poll of the "Week"
1/27/2021: Added new video playlist, and the "Graphics" page under Fun!
1/26/2021: First update in a long time (since Dec. 29)! Added quality of life changes, textboxes, updated home and about pages
11/5/2020: Added a "search" feature to the sidebar! You can use it to search for anything on this site.
11/3/2020: Added "Archive" to the More page
11/2/2020: New splash page, added "Eli" section to the About page
10/25/2020: Big update! I added a splash page and moved the homepage to The splash page will change seasonally. I have also decided to make the site's mascot a Riolu. More to be announced!
10/22/2020: Meme Directory is now fully fucntional
10/21/2020: Added Official Art/Scan pages to "Fun". Check them out, please!
10/18/2020: Added meme directory to blog
Week of 10/16/2020: Updated homepage, changed sidebar image, general clean up
10/8/2020: Added the personal blog! You can find it under "More" on the side bar!

Construction Plans

-Add more MP3s to the "Fun" page
-Add recomended fan comics to the "Manga" page
-Maybe do reviews or something of mangas I've read? Games too
-Find more, and a wider variety of games for the "Games" page
-Look into setting up a forum? Not sure yet
-Generally just clean things up