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Welcome to the Videos page! This page contains a collection of YouTube video playlists relating to Fire Emblem, Zelda, and Pokemon. I try to keep them more or less kid friendly, but things can slip through the cracks. Viewer discretion advised! In addition to the YouTube playlists, you can find free downloads of certain videos (sometimes my own creations)! These are hosted on my Google Drive.

Fire Emblem

Funny Videos

My Screencaptures

Flayn relays some of Seteth's ruder comentary to Professor Byleth.

The Legend of Zelda

Funny Videos
Blood content warning for some YouTube videos.

My Screencaptures

A Guardian clips through the floor. Footage taken by my brother.


Funny Videos

Pokémon Generations (Full Series)

Pokémon Indigo League Opening
Explorers of Sky Opening

Videos by me!

A Look into Pokémon Catch Equations is a video I made in October 2020 for my math course. It goes over one of the equations used to determine whether you'll catch a Pokémon or not. I made this one in just a single night! Enjoy.


My Screencaptures

A whole Turf War team is taken out by my brother.