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Want to display one of my buttons on your site?
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GIF Buttons:

  <a href="https://eligood.neocities.org/" >  <img src="https://eligood.neocities.org/images/sitebutton88x31.gif" > </a > 

Eli Buttons:

  <a href="https://eligood.neocities.org/" >  <img src="https://eligood.neocities.org/images/whitebutton.png" > </a > 

  <a href="https://eligood.neocities.org/" >  <img src="https://eligood.neocities.org/images/blackbutton.png" > </a > 

  <a href="https://eligood.neocities.org/" >  <img src="https://eligood.neocities.org/images/rainbowbutton.png" > </a > 

  <a href="https://eligood.neocities.org/" >  <img src="https://eligood.neocities.org/images/purplebutton.png" > </a > 

  <a href="https://eligood.neocities.org/" >  <img src="https://eligood.neocities.org/images/bluebutton.png" > </a > 

  <a href="https://eligood.neocities.org/" >  <img src="https://eligood.neocities.org/images/pinkbutton.png" > </a > 

Seasonal Buttons:
These buttons are special, and only here for a limited time! Get them while you can.

  <a href="https://eligood.neocities.org/" >  <img src="https://eligood.neocities.org/images/seasonal/fall2020.gif" > </a > 

  <a href="https://eligood.neocities.org/" >  <https://eligood.neocities.org/images/seasonal/fall2020png.png" > </a > 

Eligood currently has no official affiliates, but we ARE more than open to them! Nintendo-oriented sites, or other fansites in general are top priority, but I'm willing to hear anyone out.
Contact me about affiliation at eligoodfansite@gmail.com

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